Marka Fabric Dyeing Machine 2020

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The Marka Fabric Dyeing Machine is a pivotal asset in the textile industry, renowned for its efficiency and reliability. Whether you’re dealing with woven, knitted, or heavy fabrics, this machine ensures consistent and vibrant dyeing results.
Key features include jet dyeing for uniform color application, jigger dyeing for delicate fabrics, and beam dyeing for industrial-scale operations. The machine’s versatility extends to winch dyeing for various fabric types and high-temperature dyeing for specialized needs. The Marka Fabric Dyeing Machine also supports solvent dyeing, making it ideal for specific fibers like acetate.
With a capacity of 800kg and model year 2020, this machine stands out in the textile machinery market. Trust in the Marka Fabric Dyeing Machine for high-quality, reliable dyeing processes.


Capacity 800 KG
Model 2020
Features Jet Dyeing, Jigger Dyeing, Pad Dyeing, Beam Dyeing, Winch Dyeing, High-Temperature Dyeing, Solvent Dyeing
Application: Suitable for woven, knitted, and heavy fabrics

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The Marka Fabric Dyeing Machine is an essential tool in the textile industry, providing superior dyeing capabilities for a range of fabric types. This high-efficiency machine is designed to cater to the demanding needs of modern textile production, ensuring vibrant and uniform color application across various materials. Here’s a detailed overview of its features and benefits:

  1. Jet Dyeing Machine: This feature uses high-pressure jets to circulate fabrics through the dye bath, ensuring even dye penetration and consistent coloration. It’s highly efficient and suitable for both woven and knitted fabrics, making it a versatile choice for many textile manufacturers.
  2. Jigger Dyeing Machine: Ideal for delicate woven fabrics, the jigger dyeing process involves winding fabrics onto a roller and immersing them in a dye bath. The back-and-forth motion of the roller ensures uniform dye distribution, producing excellent results even on sensitive materials.
  3. Pad/Padding Mangle Dyeing Machine: This method involves padding fabrics with a dye solution and passing them through rollers to achieve even dye absorption. It’s particularly effective for lightweight fabrics and ensures minimal dye wastage.
  4. Beam Dyeing Machine: Suitable for heavy and wide fabrics, the beam dyeing machine operates by winding fabrics onto a perforated beam that rotates in the dye bath. This process is ideal for industrial-scale dyeing, providing consistent results for large fabric volumes.
  5. Winch Dyeing Machine: The winch dyeing process immerses fabrics in a dye bath, with the fabric wound onto a reel that rotates during dyeing. This method is highly versatile and can handle different fabric types, ensuring thorough dye penetration.
  6. High-Temperature Winch Dyeing Machine: Designed for high-temperature dyeing processes, this feature is used for specialized applications requiring elevated temperatures. It’s perfect for fabrics that need intense dyeing conditions.
  7. Solvent Dyeing Machine: Solvent dyeing utilizes organic solvents instead of water, making it suitable for specific fabrics such as acetate and triacetate fibers. This method is an excellent alternative for materials that may not respond well to traditional water-based dyeing.

With a capacity of 800kg and a 2020 model year, the Marka Fabric Dyeing Machine is built for efficiency and reliability. It’s an invaluable addition to any textile manufacturing setup, providing consistent, high-quality dyeing for a variety of fabrics.