Bruckner Stenter 2004

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Brückner is a renowned German company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-performance stenter machines for the textile industry. Our featured model, the Brückner Stenter 2004, is known for its exceptional quality, innovation, and efficiency.
With a working width of 2400mm and 8 chambers, this oil-heated stenter machine is ideal for various fabric finishing processes, including drying, heat-setting, and applying finishing treatments. Suitable for both light and heavy fabrics, it ensures superior results in every application.
Perfectly maintained and in good condition, this used 2004 model is an excellent addition to any textile production line. Trust Brückner to enhance your textile finishing capabilities with unmatched reliability and performance.


Model: Brückner Stenter 2004 Oil Heated 240cm
Manufacturer: Brückner
Width: 2400MM
Year: 2004
Heating Type: Oil Heated
Chambers: 8
Condition: Used, Good Condition

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The Brückner Stenter 2004 model stands as a pinnacle of engineering ingenuity and innovation within the textile machinery realm.

Crafted by Bruckner, a venerable German manufacturer renowned for its commitment to quality and technological advancement, this stenter machine represents the epitome of efficiency and reliability in fabric finishing processes.

Featuring a substantial working width of 2400mm, the Brückner Stenter offers unparalleled versatility, capable of accommodating an extensive array of fabric types and weights. From delicate synthetics to robust natural fibers, this machine handles them all with precision and finesse, ensuring consistently superior results across the board.

At its core, the Brückner Stenter is equipped with 8 meticulously designed chambers, each serving as a crucible of controlled heat application, where drying, heat-setting, and finishing treatments are expertly administered. This meticulous chamber arrangement guarantees uniform heat distribution throughout the fabric width, mitigating the risk of uneven treatment and ensuring optimal fabric integrity.

Embracing an oil heating system, the Brückner Stenter not only delivers exceptional performance but also prioritizes energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The utilization of oil as a heat medium ensures swift and uniform heating, Bruckner Stenter minimizing energy wastage and reducing operational costs—a testament to Brückner’s commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing practices.

Manufactured in 2004, this stenter machine bears the hallmarks of Brückner’s unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and longevity. Meticulously maintained and kept in pristine condition, it represents a steadfast ally for textile manufacturers seeking to elevate their production capabilities.

Whether you’re embarking on a new venture or seeking to enhance existing operations, the Bruckner Stenter 2004 stands ready to empower your endeavors with its unmatched performance and reliability. Trust in Brückner to transform your textile finishing processes, setting new standards of excellence and efficiency along the way.

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